Project Role: Lead Designer
Stratus Firm is a premier events production company in Washington, D.C. Previously known as RJ Whyte, my team  worked to develop a new name and full redesign of their brand identity and web presence.
RJ Whyte is known for producing large scale events for brands, government, and notable organizations. The name Stratus alludes to the heights they have reached and represents a new chapter in the founder's history. 
In addition to naming the company, we developed: a new content strategy, a refreshed mission, vision, and values, a new logo and brand identity, and a website refresh.
I led the design of a flexible branding system centered around an icon. The icon has a multitude of meanings, including the intersection of the company's initials, interlinked squares that symbolize the close relationship between Stratus Firm and its clients, and a collection of layers that alludes to the depth of their expertise in event production.
From the icon, we developed a pattern that can be used across materials, such as the tote bag and business card pictured on this page.
I also led the redesign of their website based on the new brand identity.
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