Role: Account Executive and Lead Designer
Credential Engine is a non-profit organization with a mission to map the credential landscape and fuel the development of tools and services that empower individuals to find the best career pathways.
When they approached us, their website was not working to their advantage. Information was difficult to find and language was too complex for the intended user. We worked with their team to design and develop a website and design language that was approachable and made use of previously designed creative assets.
Part of the challenge was organizing a vast collection of resources that Credential Engine has published since its inception. These freely-available resources are key to their mission to bring credential transparency to all, so this became a cornerstone of the redesign project.
Aside from the main resource hub, we designed landing pages for resource toolkits geared toward the State leaders implementing credential transparency in their jurisdiction. Based on a comprehensive roadmap document, the toolkit provides easy access to important documents, such as example executive orders, fact sheets, and policy briefs. 
My team and I designed user-friendly filtering options and simple navigation points for users to reference the roadmap and toolkit.
In addition, we developed a state and regional map that showcased the breadth of partnerships Credential Engine has across the country. The map was designed so it can easily be modified and states can be activated when they become Credential Engine partners.
The result was a website that was more simple and approachable, more informative to its intended audience, and easier to manage.
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